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Collaboration to Achieve Your Intellectual Aspirations

At IQ Metrics, a proud initiative of the International Intelligence Federation (IIF), we believe in the power of collaboration to unlock your intellectual potential. Our partnership with IIF strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional IQ assessments and insights that propel your cognitive abilities to new heights.


Join Us in Your Cognitive Journey

Our mission, driven by the expertise of IIF and our dedicated team, is to help individuals like you transcend limitations and excel in the realm of intelligence. We understand the importance of cognitive development and its impact on personal and professional success. By partnering with, you gain access to a trusted platform that combines the expertise of IIF with cutting-edge assessments to facilitate your intellectual growth.

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Collaboration with Our Users

We value the partnership with our users and believe in working together to achieve your intellectual goals. By understanding your unique needs and aspirations, we customize our services to provide tailored solutions that bring about tangible results.


Passion for Intellectual Excellence

We are driven by a deep passion for intellectual excellence, as embodied by the International Intelligence Federation. Our team, in collaboration with IIF, is committed to delivering assessments and insights that go beyond the ordinary, enabling you to unlock your full intellectual potential and reach extraordinary heights.


Continuous Improvement

Behind is a team of dedicated professionals, including psychologists, assessment specialists, and IQ experts. With their decades of collective experience and deep understanding of cognitive abilities, they are ready to guide you on your cognitive journey and provide you with personalized support and guidance.

Our team of experts

IQ Metrics Has been developed by a team of experts who can help you understand and improve your cognitive abilities.

Our Research

Together with IIF, we are committed to supporting your cognitive growth and helping you unlock your intellectual potential. Join us on this transformative journey, where success is achieved through collaboration and the pursuit of intellectual excellence.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team, in collaboration with IIF, consists of visionaries and industry veterans who set the strategic direction of They bring their expertise and passion for intellectual growth to ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of IQ assessment and development.

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