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How to Use Your IQ Test for Better Self-Improvement

How to Use Your IQ Test for Better Self-Improvement

When Yumi, a creative marketing specialist, received her IQ test results from IQ Metrics, it was a moment of self-realization. The results showed her exceptional verbal comprehension skills, a testament to her articulate communication and creative campaign ideas. However, her average numerical reasoning score was a gentle nudge towards areas that need improvement. Seeing this as an opportunity, Yumi embarked on a journey of self-improvization, determined to balance her cognitive abilities and decided to undertake the following steps.

IQ test for better self improvement

Understanding the Results:

Yumi’s score, while impressive in certain areas, was a revelation. She excelled in understanding and articulating complex concepts, a skill evident in her professional journey. However, the average numerical reasoning score turned out to be a wake-up call. She realized that balancing her cognitive skills was crucial for her professional and personal growth.

2. Setting Personal Goals:

Yumi then set out to enhance her numerical skills. She started with everyday number-based puzzles, advancing to more complex mathematical challenges as she progressed. Her morning routine now included a mix of numerical exercises and reading, catering to both her strengths as well as areas for improvement.

3. Applying Skills Professionally:

In her creative marketing job, Yumi’s verbal skills were invaluable in crafting compelling narratives and client pitches. She started leveraging on her her improved numerical skills by collaborating more with the data analytics team, bringing a new dimension to her marketing strategies.

4. Expanding Beyond Comfort Zones:

To push her boundaries further, Yumi joined a debate club, sharpening her argumentation and public speaking skills. Simultaneously, she enrolled in an online course in basic programming, intertwining her linguistic talent with a strong numerical logic.

5. Holistic Personal Development:

Recognizing that intelligence is multifaceted, Yumi embraced activities beyond the cognitive exercises. She took up yoga to enhance her emotional intelligence further and joined a local art class, fueling her creativity and providing a much-needed outlet for relaxation.

6. Navigating Challenges:

Balancing her ambitious self-improvement plan with a demanding career was not very easy but Yumi learned the importance of time management, self-care, and setting realistic expectations during this journey.

7. Reflecting on Growth:

Several months into her journey, Yumi noticed a significant improvement in her ability to analyze and understand data. She felt more intellectually balanced and equipped to handle diverse challenges in her job. Her confidence soared, and she found herself to be more engaged and fulfilled in both her professional and personal life.

8. Reflecting on Growth and Retesting:

After months of dedicated efforts, Yumi decided to retake the IQ test. The results were gratifying. Not only did her numerical reasoning scores improve, but she also witnessed significant enhancements in other cognitive areas. This retest wasn’t just about numbers; it was a confirmation of her growth, resilience, and the effectiveness of her self-improvement strategies throughout this process.


Yumi’s story is a testament to the power of using IQ test results as a guide for effective self-improvement. It is about recognizing and enhancing your inherent abilities while working diligently on areas that need improvement. Yumi’s journey shows that with determination, a well-rounded approach, and the right mindset, anyone can use their IQ test results as a springboard for comprehensive personal growth and all-round development.

Remember, an IQ test score is a starting point, not a limitation. Embrace it as a tool for understanding and nurturing your unique talents and potential.

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